Monday, April 12, 2010


Okeh, im going to choose to talk about my day. And music.
Have you guys perhaps listened to Supertramp lately. YOu vill be blown avay.
So today i will...
1.Wake up.
2.I'll call my friend mackenzie, hoping to stimulate comversation.
3.I'll take lots of polaroids.
4.I'll write a little, stop writing and then write again.
5.I'll watch a little spongebob and

Sound like a plan? I do believe so.

Thrifted dress, dressup box hat and polaroid that i found in the trainstation in Tokyo


I buy nylon. TONS AND TONS of nylon. As in the magazine, not the pantyhose.
Anyways, so its just an awesome magazine. Just AWESOME. in some respects i can't find ways to get over it.
Today i made this collage for Nylon and i am hoping to get it into the magazeen.
OK, so i am going to openly admit that the main reason that i am writing a blog is my aspiration to be discovered by Nylon and featured. For like a paragraph of its bible like pages.

I guess its just i would feel such a sense of acomplishment if my writing was included in a project such as Nylon. I don't know, i sound crazy but 'tis my nutso aspiration.
I refuse to believe that freedom and dreams are achieved through money. Yeah, having awesome clothing and incredible cameras would give me a chance, but i think that with some kick ass writing and a couple of inspiring photos, my dream will be fulfilled.


being afraid is tough

earlier today i was thinking about Alice in wonderland. As a piece of literature it is as well structured as a melted wax candle, but in the readers eyes it is either totally non-sensical and ridonculess, or it is a awesome adventure through the looking glass. Its wierd how people dont like things that they dont understand. i think thats where alot of crap goes wrong. especially why so many good ideas have been turned down. Its becasue they misunderstand it.

I want to make cupcakes, or cookies. And take lots of photos and garnish this blog with my photagraphee.
I'm sorta into photography, but not like the hardcore type, just for fun y'know.

I don't know how long ago (actually i do. like 8 months ago ), but me and my buddy mimi were alone at home. So we biked down really quickly on Ira to her local market and we bought a whole mess of plastic wrap. The thing is when you leave two very VERY imaginative children with artistic ambitions alone at home with plastic wrap, it ends up a leetle like this:

those are a few of my favorite things

So. I've started too many blogs and realized that the awkward introduction via posting is never the best way to start. So, i'll snap right into it.
I'm going to make a list, of 10 of my favorite things.

1. The smell of crayons
2. Warm paper from the copier machine
3. Making cakes that make me feel like a really good chef.
4. Cheesy Musicals
5. Projects. LOVE, projects
6. Alice in Wonderland (any shape, form or.. yeah.)
7. Tea parties
8. Christmas eve
9. The smell of my cats neck
10.Good blogs