Monday, April 12, 2010

being afraid is tough

earlier today i was thinking about Alice in wonderland. As a piece of literature it is as well structured as a melted wax candle, but in the readers eyes it is either totally non-sensical and ridonculess, or it is a awesome adventure through the looking glass. Its wierd how people dont like things that they dont understand. i think thats where alot of crap goes wrong. especially why so many good ideas have been turned down. Its becasue they misunderstand it.

I want to make cupcakes, or cookies. And take lots of photos and garnish this blog with my photagraphee.
I'm sorta into photography, but not like the hardcore type, just for fun y'know.

I don't know how long ago (actually i do. like 8 months ago ), but me and my buddy mimi were alone at home. So we biked down really quickly on Ira to her local market and we bought a whole mess of plastic wrap. The thing is when you leave two very VERY imaginative children with artistic ambitions alone at home with plastic wrap, it ends up a leetle like this:

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